How To Earn With Decentralized Frax (FXS) Yield Farming Explained 2022 | Vesper Finance (VSP) – Zane Huffman

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Well, what a great podcast with Zane Huffman indeed on all things yield farming! Both hosts agreed it was a very insightful discussion and were really impressed with Zane’s depth of knowledge. He covers quite a range of topics as you’ll see from the list below.

But the big takeaway is how he explains what Frax is and how to earn extra bucks with Vesper and Frax. It’s quite a fascinating talk and you’ll learn a hang of a lot. Check out the video below. There’s also a super interesting Twitter snippet you can preview!

Exact topics covered (according to YouTube chapters) were:

  • How Does Crypto TikTok compare to Twitter?/ Curating NFT communities / What he likes about Frax / The Meta Game Thesis / NFT AMMs
  • What is Vesper Finance/ How will Vesper work with Frax?/ Explaining Vesper’s Strategies/ Vesper and Fraxlend
  • Real yield / Big Dumping Protocol/ Evolution of crypto yield / Generation DeFi yield lows / DAO chat


The Only Podcast You Need To Hear About Vesper Finance’s Frax Grow Pool!

Vesper’s Chief of Strategy, Zane Huffman, sat in on the Flywheel Podcast this week, a podcast dedicated to all things FRAX.

During the podcast, Zane Huffman discussed native yield farming AMM, outlined the current suite of Vesper products (one of which is a FRAX Grow pool), and teased the possibility of a Vesper Earn FRAX pool (i.e deposit ETH, earn FRAX). The full podcast is available on Youtube.

Here’s a preview:

Pitching for FRAX

ICYMI — Vesper has allocated VSP rewards for FXS votelockers on Pitch. Votes occur weekly and end at 5:00 pm PT each Wednesday. This week, veFXS voters can earn their share of 1,000 VSP rewards.

Votes towards Vesper allocate FXS tokens to the Vesper FRAX pool. Users can deposit FRAX to Vesper and then stake their deposit in Convex to earn double-digit APY across FRAX + FXS + VSP.


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